Get Licensed Before You Start A Security Guard Job Search

Get Licensed Before You Start A Security Guard Job Search

As someone looking for a job in the security industry, you may be wondering if it is worth getting a license. There are several advantages to being licensed before starting your job search. Having a license shows that you are committed to your chosen field. Being certified can give you an edge over other candidates who do not have a license. Having a license can help you get better-paying jobs and quickly advance your career. This article will examine the advantages of being licensed before starting your job search in the physical security industry.

Companies Prefer Licensed Security Officers

Being a licensed security guard provides advantages that hiring managers and employers love when looking for employment. Recruitment teams within these businesses also rely on current certification to quickly narrow down their choices when hiring new people. Employers prefer their employees to be licensed because it shows initiative on the applicant's part and will save time and money when hiring for the position.
Licensed security officers with certification tend to be viewed more favorably and expect a job offer faster than the average unlicensed person applying for an open position. Security companies know they will save time and money. A focus of all security companies is to reduce overtime to increase productivity and profits. Being licensed allows you to work immediately, positively impacting the bottom line. 
Any additional certifications held by a licensed security guard add value to their employer's business, resulting in better benefits packages based on their credentials. Instead of just being hired, licensed security officers receive advancement consideration with every additional certification and skill set provided.

Being Licensed Puts You in The Driver's Seat

Licensed security guards are in high demand in Tennessee. Licensed security officers often receive certain benefits not available to non-licensed officers when hired by an employer. Licensed security officers are in a better position to negotiate their hourly pay. Licensed security officers can also arrange better working schedules, shifts, and locations. 

Having a legal status also makes it easier to work in other states. Many security officers must show their licenses when operating across state borders.
Another advantage is healthcare insurance benefits and vacation days. Although these are not standard in the industry, some employers will offer them to hire licensed employees. 
In an employer-employee relationship, it's common for companies to provide discounts on their services to their security staff. A hiring bonus is prevalent in a contractual relationship if the employee works for 30-90 days without incident and has perfect attendance.

Legal Advantages of Being Licensed for Employers & Employees

Employers can provide adequate security services because licensed officers must pass criminal background checks before receiving their license. As a result, the company is less susceptible to any illegal activity by employees on the client grounds they serve.

Licensed security officers have peace of mind. If an issue arises with law enforcement involvement, being licensed proves that they are legally employed in this profession according to local regulations. If a criminal investigation involves one or more company employees, having all current employees appropriately licensed and insured decreases liability. It's always better for everyone involved if everyone on staff has legal documentation during the incident in question.

Immediate Return on Investment

Very few endeavors provide an immediate return on investment.
At Alliance Training and Testing you can become licensed:
    TN Unarmed Security Officer for approximately $165 
    TN Armed Security Officer for approximately $300 
These costs include training, fingerprinting, and licensing fees. Reducing the liability from a single security breach or incident; compared to the initial licensing costs is enough to justify the expense. 


Getting licensed is undoubtedly worth the effort. Practical negotiation skills will provide better pay, shorter commutes, bonuses, benefits, discounts, and promotion opportunities. Combining some or all of these advantages afforded to licensed security officers will provide payback on investment typically within 1-3 months of employment. Be confident throughout these negotiations, and always remember you are in the driver's seat.

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Angel Rodriguez CPP

Article by Angel Rodriguez CPP

Published 07 May 2022